20 May 2017

Little pieces of 2016 memories

Hello ! Rasa macam tak boleh je buat 2016 marathon since tak ingat events tu berlaku bila, sebab tak catat kat kalendar duhh 

so today saya (polite lah sikit) nak update tentang some events that I can remember in 2016 ! 

first is,

hah ni gambar lepas berlari sejauh 3km cehh hahaha nak gi dekat secret part of monica bay beach LOL , ive lost all other photos (the view&everything) but that "secret part" is really pretty&it feels like we entered a new world kahkah 
ramai orang guna tempat tu untuk shoot something 

I have changed my taekwondo class from sma al-falah to gemilang gym! The only reason I changed it is because I am exhausted to catch up the usual tuesday(afternoon class) since I have extra co-curricular activities , this class held every wednesday at night , taklah penat sangat and rushing . Also,my mum dont need to ulang alik from work to send me to the class anymore.

The fee increased rm30 to rm60 but it is totally worth it ! Also,my classmate athirah started join taekwondo this year so I have a gang! yeahh~

this is when I came to see their grading session 
the girl on the left of the picture , she didnt train here anymore,she had to further her studies at...? I dont remember aha kinda lost contact now since I uninstalled my wechat 

Ni pulak masa break time practicing untuk chorasical sketch 

we actually passed the pre-liminary !!! Well hard work pays off you see...
I have tons of chorasical sketch photos like,I think it needs a solo entry for it 

find me if you can hohohohohohohohohohoohohohohoo 
we got secondplace!!!!! how cool is that bruh we break the history I guess


I regret for not finishing this entry,I truly regret it....I saved all of my 2016/2015 photos in my pendrive but that it broke & I lost all of my photos . 

I just wanted to say that 2016 is a really great year for me,it was more relaxed&I missed it . I decided to end this entry here since I forgot what I wanted to write....because I lost all of the photos , including the photos during my birthday celebration.

so,goodbye . 

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